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Everyone can help in keeping Minnesotans right side up. The role people play in preventing falls can depend on their areas of expertise but everyone can do something. Work together to reduce falls among adults in our communities.

Getting Started

An easy first step is to spread the message that falls are preventable. Use the information on this website to raise awareness and educate adults and professionals that falls are not a normal part of getting older.

Distribute the Minnesota Falls Prevention handouts available in English, Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Vietnamese, Lao, and Khmer.

Falls Data in Your Community

Minnesota had the 5th highest fall death rate in the US in 2009 at 14.03/100,000; nearly two times the US rate of 8.08. Minnesota’s fall death rate continues to rise.

Review the data on falls in your local community and Minnesota.

Bringing Partners Together

Potential partners in your community:
Agencies Individuals

Area Agency on Aging
Centers for Independent Living
Community health care clinics
Congregate Dining staff
Local public health agency
County human services
Emergency medical services
Faith in Action and other faith based groups
Fitness centers
Homecare agencies
Living at Home/Block Nurse Programs
Meals on Wheels staff
Public safety
Retired Senior Volunteer Program
Senior and community centers
Senior housing
Senior Companion Program

Geriatric nurse practioners
Occupational therapists
Older adults
Parish Nurses
Physical therapists

Getting the Tools in Place